Society For Poole


Aims of the Heritage Committee

  • To promote the conservation, preservation, protection, development and enhancement of features of historic, archaeological, cultural or public interest in the Borough of Poole.
  • To advance the education of the public in the architecture, archaeology, natural history, history, culture and geography of the Borough of Poole.
  • Establish a Historic and Heritage Committee.
  • Chairperson with a background and respected knowledge of the history and heritage of Poole
  • Committee members to include people with a desire to preserve our history and traditions
  • To work with the existing Heritage forums
  • To promote the installation of Blue Plaques
  • To promote and catalogue the history of Poole, its individual areas and its development as a town
  • Capturing and preserving the history of buildings, pathways, routes and features
  • Identification of listed buildings, promotion of new listings where appropriate
  • Campaigning to preserve historic buildings and features where appropriate
  • Producing articles, books and documents of a historical nature to promote the history of the town
  • Liaising with the press and public to promote historical activities such as Beating the Bounds
  • Liaising with Poole Borough Leisure to promote access to and interest in Poole’s heritage