Society For Poole

Planning Issues

Aims of the Planning Committee

  • To promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of the built environment.
  • To promote high standards of architecture and planning.
  • Establish a Planning Committee consisting of.
  • Experienced planning person
  • Experienced Design person
  • People with an interest in the Built Environment
  • People who can communicate credibly with the Borough Planners
  • Offer positive ideas and initiatives which will enhance the built environment of Poole
  • Consider Poole and the areas that surround it
  • Attend every Planning Committee meeting
  • Meet the Town Planners regularly
  • Offer credible press releases and contact with the press
  • Establish a track record of authoritative observations regarding planning applications
  • Meet major developers and hold talks and discussions with them
  • Distribute information amongst members
  • Meet and work with neighbourhood forums

The following documents identify the areas of Poole Planning where the Society considers that it is important to have and express an opinion. The responses and comments represent the Society and not an individual. All comments are carefully considered and highlight views regarding maintaining and improving the built environment within Poole. It is accepted that change happens, housing densities must increase to preserve the green belt however it is important to maintain and enhance the character and feel of the town so as to ensure it continues to develop as one of the best places to live in the UK.

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