Retaining the Role of Mayor

Retaining the Role of Mayor

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Cllr Lindsey Wilson is the 769th person to grace the position of Mayor of Poole, surely if we value tradition, culture and heritage the fact that 769 people have been Mayor is something to celebrate and preserve. Indeed, any thought that the role could just be rolled up and disappear due to an administrative financial cost saving, clearly has not appreciated the true value of such a role within the town and the local society.

Naturally I am sure over the past 768 people there have been a few rouges in the role, however the ability to “do good” in the town should not be underestimated and the role of the Mayor should go way beyond their administrative position in the Council chambers to being upstanding in the community, a voice of the people of Poole, a promoter and face of the Town.

As a Society there have been questions about retaining our identities, indeed this has been specifically questioned during the debate on the merger of the Authorities, as such the retention of the symbols of the town, the Mayor and Sheriff etc are critical to retaining our identity and are, it is considered, worth saving.

In the past the Society for Poole has proposed the establishment of a Parish Council arrangement, we stand by this proposal but embrace the idea of Charter Trustees. Either approach should consider the retention of the role, even in a ceremonial position, this, it is suggested, is essential if we are to retain our traditions and acknowledge our heritage.

Mike Pearce

Chairman Society for Poole


The Society for Poole was founded as The Society of Poole Men in 1924 and since then has been saving, supporting and promoting Poole: its history, culture and people. The Society for Poole, open to all with a passion for Poole, has been responsible initially saving Scaplen’s Court, supporting events such as Beating of the Bounds, and raising money for local charities and other organisations throughout Poole.

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