Society of Poole Men Changes Its Name and Appoints Mike Pearce as its Chairman

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At its recent AGM, the Society of Poole Men voted by a large majority to change its name to be the “Society for Poole”, dropping the word “Men” and adding “for” rather than “of”. “The Society has many women members and although there has been a reluctance to change the name of 94 years, the new name better reflects who we are and the importance of everyone who is passionate about Poole, its history, culture and people” said Mike Pearce.

At the same meeting Mike Pearce was voted as the new Chairman taking over from Les Burden who held the position for 3 years. Mike was born in Poole and can trace his Poole roots back over 200 years. “Having worked abroad for many years it makes you appreciate what Poole has to offer, it’s a great place to be” said Mike. “The Society was formed 94 years ago to be a force for good for the town, I hope to reenergize that force for good, to work with other organisations to promote what is great about the town and to be a voice for improvement where it is necessary.” The Society will continue to promote historical talks, hold social events, work with the Poole Flag Trust and assist with Beating of the Bounds but also it will have a point of view on a range of subjects from the strategic plan for Poole, its built environment and the promotion of its great leisure assets.

“With the name change to The Society for Poole, we aim to expand our membership and to work with Poole Authorities, local decision makers and other Societies in order to help shape the town’s built environment, leisure and cultural facilities whilst retaining and promoting it’s history” stated Mike. The regeneration of the high street, the Quay and Poole bus station as well as issues around parking and public toilets are all issues which the Society for Poole will champion so that the identity, character and facilities of the town is maintained whilst Poole grows and prospers. “Growth and development is not a necessarily a negative thing” states Mike “however it is important to preserve and enhance the feel of the town, to grow in a controlled way where developments enhance Poole and work “for” Poole”

Andrew Hawks is retained as President whilst Stephen Baker was appointed Vice Chairman.

The Society for Poole was founded as the Society of Poole Men in 1924 and since then has been saving, supporting and promoting Poole: its history, culture and people. The Society for Poole, open to all, has been responsible for saving Scaplen’s Court, supporting events such as Beating of the Bounds, and raising money for local charities and other organisations throughout Poole.

Society for Poole
20th April 2017

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